Wednesday, July 19, 2017

makes the world go round

Cloudy… rain in forecast… so much for the 3 days of no rain they forecast yesterday. So far in July there have been 5 days without rain. Last year was the opposite - we prayed for rain as we watched the vegetation turn brown.

I sorted the bottom shelf of the kitchen cupboard I did yesterday and the utensil drawer. A grocery sized bag of garbage and recycle later I was done. I will admit to opening the doors for a peek every now and then. And to be honest, even though you’ll think I’m crazy, I still get pleasure when I open my clothing drawers (I did them in April and am keeping up with the exacting folding methods). All my t-shirts, underwear, and shorts are lined up like soldiers, easy to see and easy to pick out. Oh, so tidy.

I still have way too much stuff.

Carm went golfing again today. He’s burning off calories like crazy and he’s changed his eating habits. I’m also making healthy meals so he is melting in front of my eyes. His shorts needed to be cinched up with a belt or they’d be beyond his knees. I’m so proud of him but wish I could be motivated to get on the treadmill and burn some calories as well.

Maybe for 5 minutes as a start.

a little while later… did 10 minutes which isn’t anything to cheer about but if you knew how tired I’ve been since the Med trip you’d understand.

I was listening to my massive collection of sappy 70s music when I was reminded of an earworm. I’ve had ‘Candy man’ (Sammy Davis Jr.) as an earworm a number of times but one time in particular always comes to mind. It is a bit of a time warp, taking me into the back seat of a little one engine airplane going somewhere that I can’t remember. I’m sitting behind my dad and he’s wearing headphones (maybe yellow), my Mom is in the co-pilot seat navigating. Kirsten sits beside me. I don’t recall looking out the window and have the feeling that we were flying through clouds. I sang that song to myself over and over that day hopefully under my breath, but perhaps louder driving everyone else in the plane crazy.

Oh oh. Earworm here we are again. (the Candy man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world go round..) AAAACCCKKKK!