Saturday, July 8, 2017


whack… grumble grumble… whack

my phone is my writing pad this afternoon as I sit on a worn chair at the golf driving range. I am practicing a two thumb typing with limited success and not much speed. Practice makes perfect though (ha ha).

a few drops of rain splattered on my screen - the clouds are bunching together, squeezing a bit of water out and blocking the beautiful sky. There is still the odd bit of sun that peeks out to remind us that it is summer.

I went for a swim before we left, I think there were fewer clouds at home. There was no swimming (by me) when we got back home. Sitting around at the driving range, and walking the aisles of the grocery store did not warm me up enough for a dip.

Even though we rarely buy meat, we always look in the sale bin at the grocery store. Today we scored chicken legs with backs attached for $0.99 lb. The dogs will feast tonight!

Last night we joined friends at the Acapulco restaurant for supper. Marie had her brother and his wife visiting from Czech Republic, and along with her husband Vashek and Trudie & Leo we made a raucous bunch. I had the delicious but waistline unfriendly shrimp.

The actifry is busy roasting up some chickpeas for snacking. I read a post by someone who hated her actifry but had only used it once. I thought she was crazy.

I’ll end this post with a walk down the laneway. Apple trees crowd the lane, branches heavy with rapidly growing apples. It’s going to be a bumper crop this year. I close my eyes to imagine a dish of hot apples and cinnamon.  

On the other side of the grey gravel, a tangled bed of cultivated flowers mixes wildly with Nature’s intruders. Their fragrance combines into a heady sweetness, the kind that I want to capture in a bottle to uncork in the white stillness of winter.

I close my eyes (just for a moment or I’m sure to trip) and breathe in the smell of summer. Everything green and blooming create wonders for all the senses. The sterility of winter seems so far away.

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