Monday, May 23, 2011

Camping Season has Started

Hurrah! Camping season has officially started for us :-)

After a few days of getting the trailer re-outfitted with all our stuff we headed out early afternoon for our first camp of the year - yippee! The campground is mostly underwater, but thankfully our site is high and dry. Walking the dogs is a bit of a challenge though - rubber boots required, especially after Saturday morning's heavy rain. It is nice to be out though :-) We broke our diet and had our customary post-set-up beer (with a diet snack), and then we further strayed with a nice steak dinner and bubbles. Life is good. Our plan was to walk off all these transgressions, but we shall see - the muddy roads are a deterrent.

excellent bottle of bubbles - we'll look for it
to try it again

muddy roads

Camping is a funny thing... you pack your stuff into a box on wheels that has the square footage of one small room in our house and drive, pulling the now seemingly giant box behind you... to arrive at a little lot, smaller than our driveway... where we now spend the weekend in close proximity to our neighbors... many of whom won't even speak to us cause we don't have kids, or have a different kind of camper, or maybe even speak a different language. There are barking dogs (not ours), screaming kids, yelling parents, loud trucks, even louder speedboats, a train rumbling not too far away with it's whistle blowing ... AHHHH how relaxing. And you want to know what the funny thing is - IT IS RELAXING! Even without the requisite cold alcoholic beverage! How strange.

Saturday turned sunny and was actually a beautiful day - nice enough to get the awning down and spend some time outside. Grace even got outside for several hours. We braved the muddy roads, which actually were drying up a bit, and got in about 2 hours of walking - maybe it will be a net zero weekend after all. We even stuck to our soup and salad for lunch, and supper was totally within diet guidelines as well (okay, except for the 1/2 bottle of red wine!). The dogs have settled in and are more relaxed (except when there is a squirrel!), perhaps aided by those 2 hours of walking ;-)

squirrel alert!

Sunday dawned cloudy and cool, perfect for a little walk, but the number of mosquitos precluded sitting outside, unless we doused ourselves with large quantities of spray - certainly Grace couldn't go out. After we had a shower and some lunch we all piled into the truck (Grace included) and went for a drive. We ended up running (not literally) into some friends of my parents and got a tour of their new house. Lovely place in a nice neighborhood in a cute little town.

we still ate a lot of vegetables

a laker coming through the locks
Iroquois has a little golf course, an air strip and finally locks for the big lakers that traverse the Great Lakes - all along the waterfront. Nice walking area. We looked at the outside and backyard of a house for sale (it had a view of the golf course) and spent the evening wondering what it would be like to live there. As soon as we were back home on Monday we realized that we really don't want to leave here - it is just too beautiful. And spacious - inside and out.

Today we got back home safe and sound. And the good news - down a pound from departure day :-) I guess all that walking paid off :-)