Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Ordeal or an Adventure?

The only difference between an ordeal
and an adventure is your attitude!

Author Unknown

Today's word of the day is wane (WAYN verb 1: to decrease in size, extent, or degree ; 2: to fall gradually from power, prosperity, or influence). I wonder if my interest in camping and getting away from here is going to wane as we get the property all fixed up. Part of the allure of camping was getting away from the reminders of work and the constant demands of our property. Now that we have the time to do things at our own pace the upkeep does not seem so onerous. Our property is lovely in the summer with open pastures, shady nooks, pool and big back deck. I just need to park the camper in a more congenial spot so that we can "driveway" camp when we want a little get away. One thing missing from this at-home scenario though is all the great walking we get at the campgrounds. We just don't have that at our doorstep here, plus there are other distractions that tempt us away from getting that walking done. No matter though, we've got lots of camping already booked for the summer :-)

My pleasures today: waking up without a sick stomach - after yesterday's lunch in the city I was wickedly sick for a few hours - I'm thinking now that I might have a sensitivity to squid, as I believe the same thing has happened when I've eaten squid before - how strange ; seeing my mom & dad after their long trip.

I got two youtube videos in emails today, both worth sharing. One has a soundtrack by Leonard Cohen and a sweet theme, the other is a talking dog - it's pretty funny and if you need a smile (and who doesn't) I recommend both.

Here's the hug campaign video:

And here's the funny dog one: