Thursday, May 12, 2011

What a palooka...

Well, wouldn't you know it - I had my blog post all ready to go but Blogger was down (and is still down at 8:30 am), so I'm going to post it when it comes back up and try to back date it. I'm sure the problem is because they didn't do proper database design and have good documentation ;-)

I spent too much time at the computer today - I was organizing on "paper" the food essentials to load into the camper, some menu ideas, and printed a few more recipes to include in my binder. I am so addicted to my computer that I can't even contemplate doing these things without my trusty cpu. It was a beautiful sunny day, which I mostly enjoyed from the comfort (and laziness) of my desk - so much for that last bit of weeding that needed doing... and tomorrow they are calling for rain.

Today's word of the day is palooka (puh-LOO-kuh noun - 1: an inexperienced or incompetent boxer ; 2: oaf, lout). I was a palooka this morning when we were hitching the trailer to go to Steve's. I forgot to check the back tailgate to make sure the hitch cleared - luckily it did, and then we did stuff a bit out of order so I forgot to undo the satellite connection and unplug the trailer. The power cable is okay, but the satellite connector pulled out. I don't know why but my brain felt like it was wrapped in cotton wool, all fuzzy and slow. Time to dig out the checklist.

getting the camper's dry goods organized
My pleasures last night and today - trying a new recipe (Ethiopian Potatoes and Green Beans) for supper, it was a great fat-free, vegan stew - I served it with lentils but should have also had a salad ; getting the trailer backed into the laneway in one shot - this is usually a time when tempers fray and yelling happens. I dread the return from a trip... and sometimes think I don't want to go at all 'cause of it. ; sitting in the camper watching TV - it is such a cozy/homey spot :-) ; seeing that some of the tulips have blossomed ;