Monday, May 9, 2011

Welcome to the Dandelions

We've had a busy few days - three days in a row in town either shopping or visiting family - I am ready for the next few days that are ear-marked for hanging around the house doing whatever it is that we want to do! How soon we get used to being away from the work like schedule of spending the day in town!

Mother's Day
Saturday afternoon/evening I attended my niece's wedding shower. It was quite the event and unlike any shower I've ever been to. It was in a lovely restaurant downtown, almost everyone was dressed to the nines, there was a supper, wine, music, a beautiful cake almost like a wedding cake. All the young girls were dressed up and very beautiful. It was a fancy, festive event! Unfortunately I had to leave early as I had only allocated 3 hours and Carm was waiting out front for me.

The other day the word of the day was curious (KYUR-ee-us adjective - 1a : marked by desire to investigate and learn b : marked by inquisitive interest in others' concerns : nosy ; 2: exciting attention as strange, novel, or unexpected : odd). On that day I was organizing the blogs that I follow into Google Reader. It is a curious mix of animal, RV, and crafting blogs - one wonders at the diversity. I searched around for more dog blogs, specifically poodle ones but didn't find much - I had hoped to get my puppy fix that way.

Today's word of the day is venal (VEE-nul adjective 1: capable of being bought or obtained for money or other valuable consideration; especially : open to corrupt influence and especially bribery ; 2: originating in, characterized by, or associated with corrupt bribery). A private company is trying to make way for a new dump, which on first glance seems okay, after all the garbage has to go somewhere. The troubling part though is that it is for garbage for another township/city and will include industrial waste.

The site is an old brick quarry which is very close to the water table. There is concern that our water supply will be contaminated. The additional trucks on the road will turn a sleepy back road into a busy thoroughfare - 100 trucks per day are expected. The people who purchased properties on this quite road are worried that both their quality of life and property values will be effected.

Years ago I leased a horse down at that end of the township and we often rode along this route - there is no way I'd ride along a road that had that many large trucks traveling at high speeds. And then there's the question of what all this traffic will do to the roads - they are already at the lower end of quality. It is my fervent hope that our councilors will see it the same as the "Dump the Dump" committee.

My pleasures today: seeing the first dandelions - so yellow and cheery ; green day hurray! ; beautiful day outside - warm and sunny ; setting up my new table and chairs on the front deck - now I have a nice place to eat lunch on a hot day, or eat supper on a cooler one ; watching the dogs run to their crates when I give the "go" signal. They wait in the kitchen as I prepare their meal (usually raw meat and bone), then I sometimes ask them to sit or maybe I'll just send them on their way with "on your mark, get set, GO" - they start running on the "mark" now, mostly though I just say "GO" and away then run at top speed into their crates. It's funny to see, they are so excited about their meal - it always makes me smile.

Carm used the pressure washer on Grace's cage

Looking out of the window after a long day outside

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