Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Little Factoid

Yesterday's word of the day was factoid (FAK-toyd noun - 1: an invented fact believed to be true because of its appearance in print ; 2: a briefly stated and usually trivial fact). I find the definitions of this word a little confusing - I mean, if someone says this is a little factoid about such and such - do they mean it is invented or do they mean that it is a briefly stated, trivial fact. It is not the same thing at all and is in fact contradictory. Yet another oddity of the English language!

Todays word of the day is pursy (PER-see adjective - 1: having a puckered appearance ; 2: purse-proud). I have to say I've never seen this word used, and can't really think of a way to use it in my own terms. On Merriam-Webster the example is "There was a picture of a pale gent with a narrow face and a woman with dark eyes and a pursy mouth." -- From Stephen King's 1987 novel Misery. I haven't read a Stephen King novel for years - they are just too scary for me these days. Years ago I read one, I can't remember the name of it now, with a bunch of short stories. They included stories about lawn mowers coming to life, factory machinery, well, you get the picture. I have a vivid imagination that involuntarily comes up with no end of gruesome ideas - I don't need help from a book...

Here's a cute little video: Can you tell which of three dogs is the culprit?
Just look at the expressions on the faces of these dogs when they are all asked the same question at the same time.....same tone of voice. The guilty one cannot help but feel guilty while the others have no look of guilt whatsoever. They are all being asked the same question.

My pleasures yesterday and today: getting some weeding done, the garden beds are looking the best they have for years - I still have a ways to go though ; sitting on the front deck on my new chairs - a bit cool to have our lunch there yesterday, but nice enough for a cup of tea ; having Spike stick around without being tied up. Not a pleasure though - he did wander to the far end of the hay field once ... and didn't seem to hear me when I called - little brat - I had to go get him ; seeing and smelling the freshly cut, oh so green grass ; eating a guilty bowl of Kraft dinner ; seeing lilac flower buds - they still have a way to grow, but the signs are there.