Sunday, May 15, 2011

Earth, Wind and Rain

Today's word of the day is collaborate (kuh-LAB-uh-rayt verb - 1: to work jointly with others ; 2: to cooperate with an enemy and especially an occupying force). The sun and earth have collaborated to create a dreary grey sky with drizzle and rain. All the wet weather has muddied bits around the house. Each time the dogs go outside, their return is met with towels to scrape off the mud. It is partially a side effect of cleaning out the flower beds of all their grass - I guess it was serving a purpose after all ! The rain is also keeping us inside away from more yard cleanup, one day was okay for a little break but now I'd like to get back out there! Not my favorite weather but what are you going to do about it - it would have been good afternoon to watch a movie but instead we putzed around and ended up watching golf instead.

My pleasures today: lying in bed listening to the rain - it sounded just like camping ; eating toast made from Moroccan bread that I made yesterday (whole-wheat of course) ; getting cute little sneakers for around the property - cheap too ; all the beautiful flowers at the grocery store - you can sure tell that planting weekend is drawing near ; finding one of our favorite bubbles at the liquor store (Pierre Spar rosé bubbles - yum) - pre-chilled so we brought it home to enjoy while watching the Player's championship (for those of you that don't know, that's golf, which explains the requirement for booze ;-) ; getting out of Rona without having to go through their painfully slow checkout process...