Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beltane at the Rally

Last night we had friends - Cathey and Jim (not a couple) over for supper. They didn't complain about the diet fare although we did have some chicken. The chicken was marinated with some garlic, lemon zest and juice, dash of sesame oil, and a bit of light soya sauce. Carm did a fabulous job of bbqing - it turned out moist and ever so tasty. We've done a pretty good job of getting together with friends we haven't seen much of over the last several years. For April we managed to get someone over for supper at least once a week. I love retirement. Plus it keeps the house clean ;-)

It was a beautiful day today so we got out for another few hours of cleanup outside. The grass is emerald green and the trees are starting to bud. "Green day" might be a bit late this year though.

Kabira enjoying the sun

Spike sleepy and bored - he is tied to the house to keep
him from sniffing his way away from the house

Bella getting the mud washed off her legs - she loves it
outside and doesn't wander off but does get herself into
mud puddles in her search for chippies

Today's word of the day is Beltane (BEL-tayn noun - : the Celtic May Day festival). This reminds me of the Celtic festival that was in Kingston at the Titanium Rally a few years back. Friday afternoon people started brining in loads of lumber to build stages with. They were alarmingly close to the camper (within 50') but we didn't give it too much thought until early Saturday morning. We were awaken by the lovely musical notes of bagpipes tuning and warming up. Oh what pleasure to start the morning with such delightful music. The festival continued throughout the day with the typical little girls dancing (to bagpipe music of course), music competitions (bagpipes and drums), and then the finale was the band competition. The day was not a quiet one, but was actually kind of fun and certainly made the rally more memorable for us.

That's our camper in the background

band competition

Even Grace came out to enjoy the band competition.
The dogs weren't too sure at first and then got used to the pipes and drums

My pleasures the last few days: again with the lemon vinegar dusting clothes - I just love using these home made cleaning clothes (I must remember to post the "recipe" ; last night visiting with some friends - retirement has been great for getting back in touch with friends ; today getting more brush cleaned up - it looks so tidy ; looking for a serving tray in the pantry and seeing the racks that I got (from Dollarama!), holding everything so neat and tidy ; eating a snack of San Pellagrino water with lemon, smoked salmon and brown rice crackers, and a bit of cucumber - especially good after several hours working outside, and even better eaten outside on the front deck - we are doing stuff OUTSIDE - yeah!

not bad for $4.00! So much better than the jungle that was.