Friday, May 6, 2011


Today's word of the day is gesundheit (guh-ZOONT-hyte interjection). With all the pollen in the air, including the pollinating branches that I brought into the house there has been a lot of gesundheit and bless you's at our house. I should probably take the branches back outside but they bring a feeling of spring into the house. We have several peonies poking their heads through the soil so maybe in a few weeks I'll replace the branches with lovely, lush peony blossoms.

My pleasures today: sunshine in the morning ; running a lap on the treadmill ; seeing the trees in just a tiny bit more leaf - green day is pretty late this year though ; pretty flowering plants at the nursery ; having a bowl of Pho for lunch - one of my favorite diet cheats - it's super tasty and doesn't set me back (doesn't move me forward either though) ;