Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn Colours

Learning the Waltz at dance class was fun on Tuesday. I had been feeling kind of glum the last few days and didn’t want to go (or do anything for that matter), thankfully the atmosphere of the class had me laughing in no time. First we practiced last weeks dance, the Fox Trot. One lady said that we were looking so smooth and made the dance look romantic. I don’t know about that, but we were having fun!

After that we journeyed to the Bierstube for Vashek’s birthday.


Wednesday I still didn’t feel like doing much so we packed up to go to Ikea and also pick up the cars new snow wheels and tires. The trees along the 417 were resplendent with colour.



We raced through Ikea, not taking the time to look at all their displays - we had two things in mind: look at their sofas (we want a new one for the camper, but it has to be 68” or less); and take a quick look at the comforter covers as the one we have tossed over the camper bed is looking threadbare.

The current one on the camper is a long retired Laura Ashley pattern that I purchased in Syracuse about 20 years ago. It has done duty as a coverlet on our house bed for most of that time, but moved out to the camper when we got the king sized bed a few years ago. I LOVE that pattern – even after all these years I haven’t gotten sick of it, and it still makes me happy to see it. DSCN3973

Alas… we now have drab beige…


20131002_131623-ikea-lunchOf course while we were at Ikea (conveniently over lunch time), we had to avail ourselves of the $2.99 lunch special: 2 pieces of haddock fish with fries – not a green to be seen…unless you count the electric green coleslaw.



The tire pickup was uneventful, but it is a shame to spend so much money for so little fun!

DSCN3980 DSCN3981

It might be the time of year with its receding light, or maybe letdown from our trip, but fall can be a low time of year for me… not to worry though, it is all part of the up and down cycle of being bipolar, or so I keep reminding myself. But… I look at my new mug, and cry ; look at the beautiful leaves, and cry ; stand in the warm sun, and cry… you get the picture. But STOP – don’t feel sorry for me… that’s not the purpose. I wasn’t going to share, but others might be going through the same thing – so for them: don’t give up, just get up and get out there and do your best, fake it if you have to... that is the only way to get into the sun again.


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus