Monday, October 28, 2013

Habitual Nourishment - Week One – again…

The week has been good. I’m feeling better and more energetic.

I was having a lot of acid reflux over the summer, sometimes to the point of almost throwing up. Not good. I was pretty sure it was my crummy eating habits and it seems I was right, as I haven’t had any since the second day in. The crazy thing is that I knew this was the case, yet kept eating the culprits anyway. I’m pretty sure that wheat and sugar are what cause the problem, and that is a cumulative sort of thing. So I’ve cut out all the wheat, most grains, and of course sugar that doesn’t come directly from a plant. And it goes without saying – no processed foods. (oh, I cheated on Sat and had a slice of homemade whole-wheat flax bread – no reflux).

That pretty much leaves me eating a plant-based, whole foods diet, which isn’t hard once you’ve got some recipes and get over having meat as the star of the meal.

Wednesday we had supper at my parents. With the smell of roast beef and yorkshire pudding cooking it really tested my resolve. I’m pleased to say that I didn’t slip up at all, and wasn’t all that tempted to – perhaps just the right frame of mind! I did bring my own supper – roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potato spiced up with a bit of hot sauce; oranges for dessert. I was actually quite delicious!

No cravings again Thursday, but I did succumb to a glass of bubbles that a friend brought over (oops!). I started the day with a green smoothie, lunch was some leftover lentil soup and a mixed baby green salad with chickpeas and a grilled portabella mushroom – FULL!

To add some omega 3s I add some ground flax to my smoothie everyday, and to boost it a bit I allow myself some fish every week or two, so Saturday night we had salmon with green beans and brown rice. Yum. Carm had picked up a few bottles of bubbles at Vintages so we tried one of those to see if we should get some more (they only carry things for a week or two).

I read an article (1, 2) that suggests that there may be a correlation between low Omega 3s and Parkinson's. They didn’t have any hard facts to support it, but since they are supposed to be good for mental illness, I’m back to trying to swallow those giant pills. We have a friend with Parkinson’s and it isn’t nice.


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