Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunshine is Music at the UC Bird Sanctuary!

It rained on and off through the night, and when we woke up the sky was a dark grey. We'd been thinking that we might camp a few nights at the UC Bird Sanctuary (UCBS), but gosh, it was so grey...

Either way we had to pack up and vacate our site so we got busy and were out by noon and in line for the dump station. It was a reasonably long line up as today is the last day for all but the Bird Sanctuary, plus it was the end of a long weekend to boot. As we were finishing up at the dump station we could see tiny bits of blue in the sky. It wasn't long before there were huge blocks of blue sky. It was sunny again!

That cinched it and off we went, down the highway and then the long washboard road to the campground. We stopped in at the registration office to get the list of open sites and then drove around picking our spot. By 2 pm we were sitting in the sun, shading our eyes with our hands :-)


Minutes later the little kids from next door were over (for the first of two visits) with their dad to see the dogs, and to their delight, Grace. She was a big hit and even whistled a bit to further entertain.



Unfortunately it seems these kids have one of those mini motorized atvs and were driving across the grass and along the road. Those things are NOISY!!! They have a loud, high pitched whine that grates on the nerves... and the decibel level increases exponentially when driven on gravel. This was not our idea of an idyllic afternoon in the sun ... With any luck it has a weak battery ;-) And maybe their sound system will crash as well.



I escaped to take the dogs for a walk while Carm set up the "dish" - it was a long shot through the trees (somewhat like Gas City Campground in Medicine Hat) but he did it. And better still without my help. Although he did have the help of the pretty young mother... hummmm.


The park is pretty and has some nice walking areas. The down side is that these areas are far from the camper. It will be a long walk first thing in the morning to get the dogs away from campsites - as they are desperate to pee! Apparently the park is also crawling with deer and other wild critters - hang on tight!


Music is sunshine. Like sunshine, music is a powerful force that can instantly and almost chemically change your entire mood. Music gives us new energy and a stronger sense of purpose. ~ Michael Franti

One might also say that sunshine is like music.