Friday, May 29, 2015


Do you ever try to find just one word to describe something? Congenial. That's my word for today.

I started out with a medium length walk. Sure some of it was along the road, but there were things to enjoy as well: the locust trees are in bloom and the buds are so fragrant, the grass is healthy and green, there were times with no cars going by, the construction just down the road hadn't started yet.

I had a coffee and some breakfast and then it was time to go to the get together at Jim and Diane's camper. There was a crowd of happy people enjoying the morning sun. After a good long visit I left Carm yakking while I went back to check on the dogs and have some quiet time. I love all the visiting but find it exhausting - I need time to recharge!

The day ebbed and flowed with quiet and conversation, ending with time at the campfire (until the mosquitos sent me running back to the camper - I have a low tolerance!). All in all a good day, even if we didn't experience the wonders of Ripley's believe it or not wax museum!