Thursday, May 28, 2015

Getting to the Falls

After an early morning walk the 'on the road again' song played for us this morning - Grace wasn't sure what it meant but the dogs sure did. We did too, although the excitement was well tempered with apprehension. The trip through Toronto loomed ahead of us... I'd heard that there was lots of construction which would turn an already hairy trip into a white knuckle drive.

Starting out we had the weather on our side, and maybe something else was looking out for us as there was no construction and only a few slow bits. The traffic was reasonable (although being passed by transports on both sides is never reasonable!). We made good time and arrived in Niagara Falls before 1pm. We had the pleasure of seeing roads that weren't on our intended route but with some help from Google maps we happily pulled into our site and stood on firm ground. There wasn't much to set up and before we knew it we were visiting with friends.

The campground is small with lots of seasonal campers - there isn't much green space, and there certainly isn't anywhere to business walk the dogs. I ended up walking along the ditch along the highway - big huge gigantic YUCK. The grass is cut, and it is free from garbage, but walking along a busy road is not my idea of a relaxing stroll. One nice thing though, the ditch is lined with some sort of flowering tree that smells fantastic.

Convieniently there are 3 gentleman's clubs - strip clubs - within walking distance of our campground. And a FreshCo.

Supper time came and almost went when we realized we had skipped lunch and were both starving for a hamburger. We set out towards the Falls on the lookout for a burger place. We found a Kelseys right in the thick of the atmosphere of the town. Giant dinasaurs, Frankenstien museums, wax museums roared out their songs. It was a bit like a midway. Tacky. I love it! I would like to say that after a quick burger we went to see the falls, but I'd be lying. I have to say after a really, really long wait for our hamburger (long enough to get cranky even though we were having a good time) we walked down to the falls. Of course they were spectacular and we stook gawking for several minutes. Then turned to climb the hill back up to the truck, through the siren call of cheap souvineers.