Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Three Eyed Fish

Sleep eluded me last night - road after motion, technical difficulties, and a bit of excitement of the trip kept my eyes staring at the ceiling for hours. I got up at one point and played with the computer trying to get my blog to post. When I gave up on that I then started designing some new tables for my database. The lonely train whistle got louder and louder as the night passed, till the tracks were coming right between the truck and the camper.

One of my favorite things about camping is getting up early(ish) with the dogs and going for a long, peaceful walk. There was no one about when we explored the campground this morning, it was still and quiet with a mist in the air. Perfect. Well... almost. This is the dog's first time away from home for 6 months and they were EXCITED and not very well mannered on the leash. Thankfully, like me, they got tired quickly. It was fun to see them so happy and animated. I think they may have been feeling a little depression from the long winter as well.

Carm was up when I got back so we had a leisurely coffee, showers, another dog walk, and then into the local town for diesel and a lookie loo. First stop was the nuclear power plant. It had a slightly interesting information center, but we both felt that a more detailed look into how it all works would have been interesting.

From there it was a short drive to Bowmanville, a lovely town with a cute downtown core. If the back of the truck hadn't been filled with our camping stuff we (I) would have enjoyed wandering up and down the street browsing the shops.

The afternoon turned sunny but with the breeze coming off Lake Ontario we needed jackets to sit outside. I think I got a sunburn... Nap time then a really long walk with the dogs. We explored part of the campground that isn't open yet - pretty roads going up and down gentle hills. A really pretty setting.

Full circle to last night - I found out that the reason my blog wouldn't post is that Google has changed an API which effectively shuts out Windows Live Writer (on purpose or by accident, the result is the same). Much of my night was thinking about how I'd get around this and I've come up with a barely tolerable cobbled up solution. You'll have to bear with me the next little while as I get some of the details worked out.