Saturday, May 16, 2015

My buds adorned you


The apple trees are humming with the song of flighty workers mining for pollen. "Heigh ho, heigh ho it's off to work we go." seems to carry on the morning breeze. Sleeping Beauty? That's me, at least the sleeping part. We won't mention the beauty part - I've just just gotten out of bed and my hair is standing straight on end - Carm says it looks like a torn biscuit. Not that I'm any better off later in the day, but I digress. If I were truly Sleeping Beauty I'd be singing and twirling and a bird would be sitting on my finger joining in the song. I won't be doing any dancing, that's for sure. I've got big rubber farmer's boots on, the kind for the winter with the heavy soles and thick felt liners. They aren't ballet slippers! I'd trip over my clunky feet (maybe even if I had dancing shoes on!).


Strolling along the lane I drink in the fragrance of thousands of apple blossoms. Deep breath… ahhhh. I can't resist burying my face in some blossoms, checking for the humming workers of course - don't want to inhale a bee! The trees have never been adorned with so many flowers, they look like a wedding florist has gone crazy and glued buds on every possible space. They are magnificent.



I haven't seen the Orioles today, but I think I've heard them. The other day I found a fallen nest, thankfully no eggs yet. There have been some smashed eggs around the place, some with almost ready to hatch chicks. There must be chicks in some of the nests already - it seems early.


This weekend is the first weekend since we got our camper that we haven't been out on the Victoria Day long weekend. I have half the energy required to pack up the rest of the camper and get out there!


If I keep a green bough in my heart, then the singing bird will come. ~Chinese Proverbs