Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sweet honey

I keep reminding myself that it is a beautiful day - it IS, but my mind wants to wander elsewhere. Still, I keep at it. I decided to take a day off from forced activity, so aside from the things I've had to do, I've been relaxing out on the swing. Is there any better way to spend a warm, sunny day? I'm reading 'Stone Orchard' by Timothy Findley (a Cdn author) - it is about his farm in southern Ontario, so it is a very nice read for this sort of day.

The drone of bees reminded me of the honey from NZ that I have tucked in the pantry for special occasions. I suddenly realized that I was starving and so declared this to be an occasion worthy of my stash. I toasted some light rye bread, spread it with butter, and then upon that silken sheet spread a modest amount of thick honey. I brought it out to the swing so that I could share with Grace (she was appreciative). I should have had an icy glass of fresh lemonaid, or perhaps even some sparkling wine, but alas.

After that pleasure, I walked around the property with my camera, my white flesh attracting voracious hordes of mosquitos which then drafted me back to the swing. It didn't take long to smash the intruders and I was left in peace. Till Carm came home!

Yesterday we went to the local nursery to get something for the front of the house, and a few herbs for our travelling pots. Oh my. There were so many beautiful plants it was hard not to get carried away. The ruffled geraniums were almost my undoing, but we really don't have room to bring more plants with us when we go camping! As it is, bringing 3 is borderline obsessive.

While we were in one of the greenhouses a wee female goldfinch crashed into the side. It was clear that she wasn't going to fly right away, but we could see her moving her legs, so there was hope. After a few bungled attempts at capturing something so delicate in my hands, I carried her to a safer location. She sat on my hand for several seconds while she got her bearings then scooted into the cover of nearby plants.

Our afternoon today was topped perfectly by a big scoop of Rolo icecream in a crunchy cone - they always ask if you want it in a cone or dish… my life will be close to ending when I forgo the cone!

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