Monday, June 13, 2016

Age of Majority

Gosh, the days have slipped by and I haven't posted this yet. I'll edit and hope I get the correct tense.

Grace turned 18 Thursday, but still has no vote or say in matters. At 18 she still isn't middle aged or even half way through her expected lifespan; with African Grey Congos having an average life expectancy of 50 she is still a young bird.

I wanted to look for another skort so we drove to Liquidation on Friday. Merely stepping through the doors sends my anxiety levels skyrocketing. Shelves piled to the ceiling, dim light, and loud country music do not make for a relaxing shopping experience, at least not for me. But with prices set at 50% off the store tags I can get some good deals. I don't remember what initially triggered anxiety, but over the past several visits I think it has become a conditioned response.

Friday night we met friends (Trudie, Leo, Marie, Vashek) in Ingleside for a dinner at Sol de Acapulco. Trudie & Leo were helping the owner make a few of the ancient motel rooms liveable, the rest of us were just there for a hot meal. It was a lovely time and we even got home before dark, with no deer sightings (but how many didn't we see).

Speaking of deer, we haven't seen any around the house yet this spring. I wonder if there are fawns tucked away in the rough area of the farm, but with everything so overgrown we'd be unlikely to see them, unless mama brings them into the hayfield when we happen to be looking out.

Carm made a herculean effort Friday and got the rest of the lawn cut. It is a huge job normally, but with the grass extra long from 2 1/2 weeks away… let's just say that he's my strongman. I wouldn't be able to manage even a fraction. I keep suggesting that he get a ride'em mower, but he still likes the exercise - something about good for golf game. There are so many trees and other impediments that I wonder how much help a ride mower would be anyway.

Sunday we drove into the city for the 'Dog Festival'. It was a bit of a disappointment as there was no agility demo area. There were a couple of cordoned off areas for a dog to try its foot at lure coursing and dock diving. Perhaps if it had have been a nicer day there would have been more going on. It was fun to see all the dogs that people had brought along. We saw a cute Berner-Poo puppy and a couple of lovely red miniature poodles. It was chaos though with people letting their dogs range at the end of long leashes, dogs peeing on everything. Mayhem. I was pretty glad I hadn't brought Spike as he would have had a meltdown having dogs rudely in his face all afternoon.

We took advantage of our time in town to visit Bruce and Tina, who we don't see very often. Thanks for letting us drop in with just 10 minutes notice!

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”
~F. Scott Fitzgerald

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