Friday, June 17, 2016

rejoice as summer should

Quiet except for the song of a multitude of feathered creatures. A plane flies overhead, its drone another sort of birdsong. An occasional car passes on the road which is behind some trees, across the hayfield and behind some more trees - background noise. The wind picks up and chatters in the leaves of the poplars. The warm air caresses.

On the breeze is the sweet smell of freshly mown hay. It's too early for clover but there is a dusty, dry smell that you'd like to dry your sheets with. Occasionally the smell of dry manure wafts past. Not a bad smell, it is the smell of childhood summers at Auntie Rena's farm and then later learning to ride, and later still a barn full of my own horses. If there is any one smell that embodies summer for me it is this.

This morning Carm left to visit his mom in town and I stayed back to finish up some cleaning. Just as I was about to scrub the kitchen sinks the phone rang. Carm had forgotten his wallet and needed to do some shopping. I hopped in the truck and met him halfway between here and town so he could go back into town and finish the shopping. I am so lucky that he doesn't mind this horrible chore because if it was left to me we'd go hungry. I am not a shopper. But he does it and brought home lots of luscious treats to have with our guests.

The pool is up to 77F and is very swimmable. I may even go in before bed.

On day 3 of perfect summer, I sit here on the back deck gently swinging and wondering why I'd ever want to leave here. I'll probably think the same thing when we are camping: why would I want to go home?

Rejoice as summer away sorrows by living.”
~Melissa Marr

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