Wednesday, June 15, 2016

summertime and the living is easy but busy

Swing is out (finally), Carm was in the pool yesterday (65F), and the hay was cut this morning. It must be summer. I gently rock the swing with one foot. Birdsong fills the air as they go about the business of feeding their babies. There's a robin's nest a few feet behind me. Grace is outside playing in her water bowl. It is a huge one in case she wants to take a bath.

A few hours later: the dogs have been bathed and are relaxing in the sun. While I did that, Carm cut a bit of the front grass. We were both hot enough to go in for a swim - the temp has risen to 71F which I believe is close to 21C. Brrrr. Refreshing. A flash of orange in the trees reveals an Oriole.

Yesterday I left Carm home and drove into town to take my mom out for lunch. It was her birthday so we went to her favorite Thai food place. Yum. We had a sampler plate for two, but next time I want to see if they have Pad Ki Mao, a spicy version of Pad Thai. In my working days, once a week I used to treat myself  to take out from the Thai restaurant across the street from my office building. It was a popular lunch spot that was usually all booked, and there'd be a line of people getting takeout as well. Getting hungry just thinking about it.

Last night we had a spur of the moment supper with Trudie & Leo. Carm had called to see if they wanted to meet for Chinese food but Trudie had the makings for a pizza so we joined them in their lovely garden for a low key summer evening meal.

This is the first day that it really feels like summer. It has been hot before, but all the accoutrements were not in place: swing, table and chairs, pool, we even planted up a few pots. I tried to think back to what it was like when we were working and just had weekends to enjoy the summer, but couldn't, and didn't try too hard.

Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”
― Pablo Neruda