Tuesday, June 7, 2016


The traffic on the 401 was reasonably light and with only 2 minor construction zones we made it home right when we expected to. We had a bit of a kerfuffle backing the trailer into the laneway, but once we got past the tricky bit the maelstrom was over and we were home safe and sound.

The heaviness of responsibility of being back hit home when Carm saw the long grass. He's going to have a big job to get it tamed again. We had wondered about the peonies and hoped we hadn't missed them. Nope, like everything else this spring they are late. Lots of buds promise a good display, and with any luck they'll still be around when Merikay and Craig arrive on the 18th. The irises are at the end of their bloom - it looks like they were battered by recent rain, shortening their pageantry.

Re-entry to reality is hard. House home didn't feel like home for a while - it is so big, and green - the paint seems really green, partially enhanced by the sun coming through the fully leafed trees. Speaking of trees, the locust is in bloom now. It does smell good here - at least outside. Inside smells musty, like a house that has been closed up for a few weeks. We've got the HRV circulating on full to refresh the air.

The dogs seem mildly depressed, although they did enjoy a bit of freedom from leashes. Now they are laying on the futon, tired and bored. Grace has a dish of food that she is picking at. While we were camping she gobbled every plate of food we gave her. I think she needs a window seat at home too.

But, oh joy, oh bliss. A hot bath! The bathtub is the only thing I miss when we are away from house home. I love a long soak, but campground showers have to make do.

Our busy holiday wasn't quite over yet though - we had an invite to supper from Trudie & Leo. I'll be honest: I tuckered out not long after we were finished eating and insisted that Carm bring me home…

I think it will take a couple of days to rejuvenate.