Thursday, June 2, 2016

the end

We walked around this morning saying final goodbyes to everyone who hadn't left at the crack of dawn. We all hope there is a gathering again next year but nothing is certain. Our 'wagon master', Mary, has bowed out of the job and no one has offered to pick up the job. It may turn out to be something ad hoc, or perhaps this was the last year.

Yesterday afternoon most of us gathered at the campfire location for Carm's trivia event. I think people were happy with the difficulty level of the questions, one of the advantages of having me as the guinea pig!

I spent much of the rest of the afternoon chilling in the shade by our camper. A big class A pulled into the site next to us. They are from Alabama - their thick accents a concrete clue that they are from somewhere else! One of the ladies came over to see Grace and to say hello.

As the afternoon started drawing to a close, Edna came over, bringing gin & tonics - the perfect pre-dinner drink.

The Farewell Dinner was at a resort a few blocks away. The meal was fine and the company excellent.

So there you have it… a week of social interactions and too much eating. Here's hoping we do it again next year!

We are here for a few more days so ventured out for a drive along the gorge, all the way to Niagara on the Lake. We stopped at a few scenic lookouts. We passed many vineyards, but weren't in the mood for tastings. I was barely able to keep my eyes open as it was and would have preferred a really long nap! I suppose it is no surprise that I didn't have a miraculous cure just by coming here…

I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”   ~Laura Ingalls Wilder