Tuesday, May 31, 2016

the middle

My eyes teared up with emotion a few times today as we walked through 'Bird Kingdom'. Blue and Gold Macaws, African Grey's, and other parrots were peppered throughout the building. I thought of our old friends and tried not to wonder where they were.

There were lots of other birds of course. Small finches and other small birds flitted through the plants in one exhibit. Reptiles, skunks, bats, and other non-bird kingdom creatures were tucked away through the exhibit. The best is the huge atrium with trees and countless plants. The path winds it's way down from the third floor tree tops to ground floor waterways. Birds fly everywhere.

Yesterday was another sweltering day (today is hot but not overly so). We all felt like we might melt into the pavement as the dogs and I walked around the campground. It really was too hot for such a walk, but Spike, being a little pita, insisted. If he wasn't such a ‘son-of-a-b’ he would get out more, but he doesn't react well to other dogs. They've spent a large amount of time locked in the air-conditioned bedroom with the tv static as background noise. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but the tv will no longer change channels so music is no longer an option.

I've been making it out to campfires, staying until the mosquitos drive me back to the camper. Plus I like to take the dogs out for a bedtime walk before it gets dark.
We've been going to the path behind the houses on the other side of the tracks for our morning walk. We can hear the train coming from a long way, and yesterday had to wait for it to pass. What a rumble! Most mornings we get up really early - between 6 and 7 - getting the important walk out of the way before traffic gets too bad. Then I go back to bed!

Carm played golf yesterday (Monday); I think it was a hot day for them.
Tonight (Tuesday) we went out for supper with a big group. The food was fun and company better. We sat with John & Judy, and Joan & Vance. It was our first time spending much time with Joan and Vance - I love the opportunities to get to know others.

Long pants were required at the campfire tonight. Temps have dropped significantly over the past few days - the cool air makes for good sleeping!

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