Saturday, May 28, 2016


The little rotter started fussing to go outside at 6am this morning. I contemplated throttling him and then decided that it might be easier to walk them early as there'd be less traffic (dog, bike and vehicle). We walked along the ditch again - despite clouds of mosquitos it wasn't too bad. There were very few trucks going by and the dogs have had a few more days to figure out how to walk on a leash without enraging me.

After our 'little' walk I was happy to climb back into bed for a few more hours sleep, a clear benefit of going out so early. The heat and humidity were already high that early in the morning, and by 9am it was stifling, not sure how the dogs will fair on the pavement for our late afternoon walk.

We were slow to get going, but fast enough to catch breakfast in the 'barn', too slow to meet up with others though. On our way back we stopped to talk to Real and Ginette, but I couldn't handle standing in the heat so escaped to the cool of a shower and the camper. I lay around for much of the afternoon, listening to music and feeling exhausted. I did force myself to go out for a while and of course had a lovely time with John & Judy. Marilyn and Mark joined the conversation for a while, and then it was time for Carm and I to take the dogs for their afternoon walk.

I don't think I mentioned yet how hot it was. The sun blazed down and humidity created a haze. The only escape was the cool, air-conditioned interior of the trailer. The dogs dragged their feet and their tongues hung out of their mouths every time we ventured outside. It was a scorcher!

When it came time to go to the campfire, I stayed back with the music playing again. I felt exhausted, mentally and physically, but I didn't want to miss out on visiting with people. Plus I wanted to see the rest of Marilyn's photos of their trip on the Amazon. I shooed the dogs into the bedroom, grabbed a chair, and went to the campfire. There was already a good group of people there, but still room for my chair. The Amazon looked amazing and then it was getting dark and time for me to come home to take the dogs out.

Another banner day.

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