Thursday, May 26, 2016

I'm falling for you

We finally made it down to the falls for a quick lookie loo. The roar of water hurried our steps as we made our way from the parking spot. Rushing water raced ahead of us and plummeted over the edge. Spray cooled our skin. The magnitude of Nature’s progress gave me vertigo if I went too close to the railing.

After our walk, which included a path along the edge of an arbouretum, we drove along the river, noting a walking path that might be nice for the dogs. There were no people, only a paved path through grassy lawns, and overlooking the river on its race to the falls.

This afternoon more rigs started pouring in. Unfortunately our site is not situated in such a way that we can see the action. We are right at the end of the lineup of Titaniums and facing away. That didnt stop us from taking a walk down the line to say hello to the newcomers. It was lovely to see old friends, and to make some new ones.

Grace has been outside for the afternoon, chatting away, enjoying the outside. It has been windy though which freaks her out at times. Still, given the option, I think she’s happy for the change.