Friday, May 13, 2016

expertly placed dabs of paint

Well, I didn't embarrass myself by crying but it was pretty darn close. I had a stern talk with myself before we went into Critter Jungle, the pet store where Frank works, which did the trick. I was blown away when I saw the painting in person - Frank did a wonderful job of capturing Spike's character in some blobs of paint. Isn't it a magical gift to transform puddles of colour into an image that looks like it might jump off the page (and straight into my heart).

You might wonder why Spike was so lucky to be immortalized in acrylics and not the other dogs, or Grace. It seems unfair, but Spike and I have a special relationship as 6 years ago he was my service dog, accompanying me to work and other places. He helped me get through the roughest part of my last months of work. Spending so much time together, first training and then being by my side, built a bond between us.

After our adventure of being involved with the Stigma book, and then the video, I decided that it was time to make my wish come true and have Frank do a painting. It was time to stop the procrastination.

Frank is a gentle soul, a true animal lover, painting birds, cats, dogs and other pets. He’s even done some people too. And I love how he does flowers. I highly recommend him: for any project.

From the time Frank started the project, until the end, he posted updates of the progress on facebook. I saved the images, and with his ‘ok’ I’ve included them here. It was really exciting to see the Spike ‘come to life’ on the canvas. I may have become unnaturally attached to my tablet as I compulsively checked Faceook!

I think I’ll start saving my pennies for portraits of the others. Grace would look lovely hanging on the wall and not just from her purple bell.

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