Wednesday, May 25, 2016

and so it begins...

And so it begins…
My morning started with walking the dogs. Along the uncut ditch of a busy road, or would that be highway. Hellish is one word that comes to mind.
Once back at the camper I found Carm outside talking to two guys about the crack in the door and all the spider cracks in the fiberglass bumper. They can do a simple patch on the door, but the fiberglass work will be more complicated ($$). They'll be back in a few days to do the work.
Coffee. Yum.
We were both hungry for a bacon and eggs breakfast, and yesterday while out at Lowes (to fix some other broken thing) Carm had seen a place that served all day breakfast. We were avoiding the job of fixing the hotwater tank so it didn't take much to get us into the truck. After playing around with the tv in the bedroom which no longer works properly. No music can be streamed from the satellite system like last year - the channel won't change. So the dogs got to watch Cars. White noise is another option.
Back from breakfast (which was fantastic), Carm got busy fixing the water tank. Through a series of coincidences and flukes we now have piping hot water.
Mary and Jim arrived at the park. A few of us are here now, ready to greet the horde that will come in tomorrow.
It wouldn't do to light the stove so off to Swiss Chalet for supper with Mary, Jim, Lynn and Drew.
Throw in a few more times walking the dogs (not on the highway though!). I'm exhausted and it hasn't even really started yet.