Monday, May 9, 2016

my nerves are bear'd

The spring has been long and drawn out with cold temperatures hanging on. The plants had been quick to start with the few warm days we had in April, but growth has slowed. It was a stretch, but we figure that yesterday was 'green day', even though some of the trees, like the apple trees, are barely showing a hint of green. It seems impossible that the trees will be in full bloom by the 12th, like they were in photos on my blog a few years back. I go back to earlier entries on it to compare… this year it is not encouraging.

My excitement these days is watching the progression of Spike's portrait. Frank ( has been posting occasional updates on Facebook. I'm thrilled to be watching Spike come to life. When the painting is done I'll do a blog post with the photos as it is fun to see the transition as Frank layers the paint. If you've ever wanted a portrait of a pet done, Frank is the one to do it.

This afternoon, Christina picked me so we could walk in the forest a few villages over. The sun was out but the wind was blowing briskly - we bundled up in layers and set off from the car. The first part of the walk was lovely. Sure, I was stressing out about ticks a bit, but was able to keep my anxiety in check. Then I remembered… the facebook post I saw from a friend about a bear visiting her yard. She doesn't live nearby, but could there be bears in the area we were walking? It is plausible as the area isn't highly cultivated. Fear curled through my limbs, almost choking me. My brain started playing tricks on me; I was certain I'd see a bear when I turned around, and my eyes scanned the forest beside the path. I felt sick with worry and did everything I could to stay engaged in our conversation. Part of me knew the likelihood was very low, but the ill part of my brain acted as if I'd already spotted danger.

In spite of all that, it was a good walk. Thanks Christina!