Tuesday, May 17, 2016

days creep by


This is surely the coldest spring on record. Driest too. This morning it was 5C… brrrr. I was up at the crack of dawn to call the vets office to make an appointment for Spike. He has been squinting both eyes since Saturday. He didn't seem in a lot of discomfort, but clearly something was wrong. We got an appointment for 10:30 - the vet diagnosed an infection which should be easy to treat: antibiotic drops 3x day. I hope he starts to feel better soon. His wee squinty eyes are heart breaking.

One of the apple trees is tentatively throwing out a few blossoms. Last year on this day I wrote in my blog about the trees having more blossoms than ever before. The photo shows all the trees in full, magnificent bloom - this year is a far cry from that.

Carm got his new cell phone on Friday. There was much excitement as he loaded apps and started playing with the phone. Saturday we went into the city to get a new SIM card and have his phone number transferred over to the new SIM.  No luck. He was on the phone with tech support for over an hour but the phone couldn't get service. Yesterday he picked up another SIM to try and still no luck. At the end of the service call the technician basically said his phone wasn't working and to take it back. Carm got the phone over the internet from somewhere in China - let's hope they accept the return.

Jo Ellen and Don came over for supper. We had a most congenial evening reminiscing about times past for a while, but that wasn't our main focus. Each time we get together work talk dwindles.


Beautiful morning with bright sky and cool temps greeted me when I threw back the curtains. It warmed up through the day but never got really hot, which was just as well as we had some outdoor work. The rest of the wood chip pile got moved to a space where we can save it for next year. We went to get dog food - kibble for camping. I loaded some things onto the camper. Carm chainsawed some of the log then cut some of the grass. In all, a busyish day.

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