Friday, May 27, 2016

first and second days

We are just winding up to experience the Ti Rally week and what a windup so far. Yesterday was the first official day of the rally and the trailers kept pouring in. Talk of supper at a nearby Thai place circulated, and since a) Thai is one of my favorites, and b) we wanted to spend time with everyone, cooking plans were shelved.

We had a great supper (Pad Thai) and then raced back to the campground for the opening campfire. With a pen in one hand and the schedule in the other I swatted the odd mosquito while figuring out what we are doing this week. I left the campfire before dusk as I wanted to walk the dogs before dark.

Speaking of dogs… it is a bit of a pain to get to somewhere to potty them away from campsites, but we are managing. HOWEVER, I picked a TICK off Spike this afternoon so somewhere that we are going is not a good place to be. The dogs have flea/tick collars on but I wonder if they are working? I'm not sure if the ticks are supposed to fall off right away or bite and die. We still have over a full week here so I'll have to be on alert. (shudder at thought of Spike on bed…)

Spike's eyes are all cleared up and he only has 2 more days of drops. He has been such a good dog about the whole thing. I tell him that 'it's time to do your eyes', and he comes over for me and stands exactly where I need him to make picking him up easier. Then I lift him onto the table which has a mat on it; he he stands quietly while I put drops in each eye, waiting for his little treat.

Today the little rotter (aka Spike) got me out of bed at 7am. He heard another dog bark and that was it - he wasn't going back to sleep no matter what. So we went for our walk and got back to gulp coffee. Carm got up not long after and we decided to go for breakfast again. Oh my. The excuse was a trip to Lowe's and some groceries.

This afternoon we had some people over to our place and spent a lovely afternoon visiting outside. Judy and John joined us first, then our neighbors Orvel and Ellen squeezed into the shade. Christine and Peter came for a short while, and Ken sat with us for a few minutes. It was warm, but the breeze cooled things down perfectly.

I cooked!!! supper and then we joined the campfire. I sat next to Dottie and Dewy who are long time full-timers from Arizona. Dottie showed me their new trailer (not a Titanium) that has a neat balcony off the main room. Sliding glass patio doors let in plenty of light when the deck is down.

Darkness has fallen but instead of going back to the campfire, I'll get an early night to bed. I can tell how tired I am by the struggle I'm having trying to make coherent sentences.