Tuesday, May 24, 2016

we paid good money for this?

Darlington Provincial Park was a lovely rest point on our way to Niagara Falls. The park is nicely treed with some meandering park roads to wear us all out. We saw a racoon helping itself to a weekend’s worth of garbage. It waddled away when we got close. Last year we stayed for two nights and to be honest, I wish we had this year too. It is a nice place to ease back into the camping life. And it lets the dogs get used to civilization again without a crush of people and other dogs.

yuck as we make our way through Toronto this morning. The traffic was steady, at times slow, but mostly well behaved. I think we all got a bit stressed going through the big city, even the dogs sit in the back seat and look at us with big eyes.

I asked Carm if he wished we had a smaller camper and his answer was that it wouldn’t make much difference: towing is towing.

We got to our campsite not long past 1pm and quickly got set up. Well… quick except for the satellite dish… but it wasn’t the worst time we’ve had aiming the darn thing. Makes me want to give up TV! Our site is good enough and does have some decent grass and a tiny tree.

We’ve been for a slightly crappy walk and are now inside chilling (writing this) while Carm looks for a hose part that we blew out with the (advertized) strong water pressure.

He came home with food!!!

The lilac that I picked yesterday morning is limp already but still has a heady fragrence so I’m leaving them out.

As is often the case with a home subjected to rigerous earthquakes not everything works. After supper Carm turned on the hot water to test it… cold. Stone cold. He got underneath the camper and started playing with the mixing valve, but it must be jammed on some calcium or something cause it would not be fixed.

The rally is the only place we park with sewer hookups, which means we can shower in our own space. Not this trip I guess, unless I want to really cool down. Luckily there is a new shower building a few sites away with brand-new showers. Such is the life of the mobile! And imagine - we pay good money for the privledge!

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