Tuesday, May 15, 2018

a very close call

The sound of screeching tires assaulted my ears. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, the bedroom window was open and Carm was at his computer in the kitchen.

My heart lurched. Were all the dogs inside? I knew that Carm had let them out several minutes earlier, but I had only heard Kabira come in… I rushed out to the hall, grabbing Carm on my way out. Oh, that walk down the laneway was long… Bella was there... I called, and didn’t see Spike, but then Carm saw Spike outside the gate. On all four legs and looking scared.

I can’t get the sound of those screeching tires out of my head. He was almost killed. Who knows how close he was to being a dead dog. I didn’t really freak out until we were on our way to town, then I had a silent cry and I’ve felt slightly sick ever since.

Before we headed into town we did some alterations on the gate to make it harder to get through. That was a start, but I knew that when I got home I’d be beefing up the electric fence and setting up a training session. Yes, I’m a meanie… after a few hours of frustrating work I got the gate charged. Got Spike on a leash and pushed him up against the gate till he got a good shock. Twice. And I’ll do it again tomorrow.

The day started with rain, but by the time we got back from Costco the clouds were parting and the sun was shining. Beautiful day for stupid fence work.

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