Thursday, May 24, 2018

rub a dub dub

Lilacs perfume the air like a luxurious perfumery in Paris. I walk outside just to bathe in the scent. Heaven. Not much from the apple trees though, they are mostly devoid of blossoms and are certainly not putting on the show that they did last year. Maybe the trees need a little rest this year.

Today we got busy with the hose, pressure washer, and long brushes to scrub the villetta. The giant white whale of a beast was grimy from a winter resting in the laneway, and yes, a fall of camping. She scrubbed up good and now shines in the sun. If we were super energetic we’d get some wax and start buffing, but honestly, that’s a million year job - it would take days of hard work. We are not that dedicated.

I think I was struck by lightening or stung by a weird bee as I have, at the age of 55, developed a shoe thing. I had gone through much of my life wearing nothing but blundstone boots and a pair of sturdy sandals, but now... I can't seem to pass a shoe store. Yesterday I picked up a pair of gold mules/slides/sandals. So not like the old me! These days I don't leave the house without makeup and my hair gelled up. Invasion of the body snatchers.

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