Thursday, May 31, 2018

first day at the rally

Of course I was right, and believe me, I so wanted to be wrong, but at 6:30 Spike woke up. He lay there for maybe 5 minutes, then jumped on top of me... there was no convincing him that he wanted to go back to sleep. So I dragged myself out of bed, threw a bit of water on my hair (it stands on end when I get out of bed), and riffled through the closet for walking clothes. Ugg.

In all fairness to the dogs, all three of them had done their business before we had walked 200 yards. So I guess it was a legit outing.

They aren't the dogs they used to be though. There was very little tugging as we walked our old route through the 'back 40'. It is a lovely walk, especially so early in the morning on a sunny day. So it wasn't all bad ;-)

Grace is happy to be in her corner window cage. She loved her time outside yesterday afternoon, but wasn't upset about coming inside. This cage is a huge upgrade from the one she was in in (in in?) the old camper. She loves this one.

It was cloudy with on and off again showers thru the afternoon so Carm and I went to the outlet mall. I went crazy and bought two things - yes, grown-up clothes and not t-shirts. I wonder if this is what they mean by 'dressing in age appropriate clothes'? Hummm...

More people arrived in the afternoon so we wandered around outside talking to people, and then it was time for RAXX to cook us dinner again - this time RIBS. Wonderful ribs :-)

By the time we were back it was time for the dogs to go outside, and just enough time before bed to spend a few minutes at the campfire.

We are having a good time!

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