Monday, May 14, 2018

greener and greener

Last  Tuesday (yes, a week ago, oh how I’ve let this blog writing slip), at 5:30pm I declared it to be ‘Green Day’. It might be a stretch as there are still lots of bare patches but I was anxious to hurry things along.

Maybe I was influenced by our job working on the camper fridge that afternoon. We had to disconnect a few things and push the fridge several inches into the camper so that we could access the back panels. The hose that drains the condensation had crumbled with age, leaving us with a near impossible task, but by persisting past the time we wanted to give up, Carm got the old hose off and the new one on. We worked in the sun and it was hot. Joy!


Since then we’ve had lots on our calendar. There have been a few golf games for Carm. A trip to the Acapulco for me to celebrate Leo’s birthday. Carm had another engagement: the funeral visitation for his cousin with the same name. As is often the case, these events are sad but also renewing as well. Death is a time to reaffirm life and renew old relationships. As strange as it sounds, I think he had a good time, and perhaps better as he didn’t have to worry about me and could talk to his heart’s content with long lost relatives.

Thursday was the funeral and as I sat in the church listening to the priest talk about Carmelo’s life, I had to focus my attention on the relics dotted around the premises, lest my imagination take the not so big leap to a funeral hopefully far in the future where the name will be the same…


Since we were just around the corner from where Carm’s mom stays we popped in to visit for a few minutes and then drove around the next corner to the Green Papaya, a fabulous Thai place that makes the best Pad Ki Mao - so spicy that our mouths were burning but delicious.

Friday we did some house cleaning then popped into the car for a trip to Liquidation. From there is was a long hop skip and jump to Freshco which happens to have a shawarma place next door, and gosh could we walk past that when it was hours past lunch… Costco was next and then home. Whew.


Saturday we had Mom & Dad, and Graham & the kids over for a family Mother’s Day lunch. It is so rare that we have them all over…


Sunday we dashed into town AGAIN, this time to drop in quickly to Carm’s mom to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. The ravages of Alzheimer's were weighing heavily on her though so I don’t know how much she was aware. A few more stops after that and then to Best Buy to buy me a new camera. This little beauty is just a small handful to replace my old pocket camera and as a bonus (well, actually why we got it in the first place), is waterproof down to 65ft. Not that I’ll ever be that deep (I hope). It will be fun to take it to the Caribbean for some beach shots.

All the photos in this post were taken by the new camera either today or yesterday.


Oh, and one other thing. A certain type of madness took hold in our brains and we booked two more cruises. They aren’t till November of 2019 though so we have lots of time to change our minds. The first one is a 7 day trip in the Mediterranean, and the second one ponies up to that for 14 days across Spain and Portugal, ending up with 7 days across the Atlantic to Fort Lauderdale!  Twenty one days away from home. Can we manage it? Will Pat go mad looking after the beasts. Time will tell.

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