Friday, May 18, 2018

some photos from the last few days using my new camera

Jo Ellen and the two poodles. Our icy limoncello - Mediterrean sunshine in a bottle.

Around the property. This was a few days ago so the apple buds are a bit more formed. There aren't as many as last year - they must have been harmed by the ice storm we had mid April.

Spike, still alive and posing for the camera.

These were all taken with my new Fujifilm XP130. I'm reasonably happy with it as many of these photos were taken in extreme conditions. The ones of Jo Ellen and the limoncello were taken inside, in the evening, with no flash. The one of Spike is a little dark but we were in blazing sun so the camera overcompensated - I think there is a setting for bright sun that I should experiment with.

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