Wednesday, May 30, 2018

on the road again

I started off narrating this to my phone as we roared down the road this morning, but it was quickly clear that I wasn’t a quick talker or a clear speaker.

Here’s my first few sentences before I gave up:

“Ben 10 and we're on the road temperature is already at 23 so it looks like we're going to have a nice sunny day and maybe even if what's the summer for a first ending. “

This is what really happened: It was ten past ten and we are on the road. The temperature is already 23C, so it looks like we are going to have a nice sunny day, and maybe even summer, for our first camp of the year.

We had a safe trip, although there was a question about one of our brake calipers - it seemed seized. Braking was still good so we carried on our trip and by the time we got to Kingston all was well.

Not many people are here yet so we’ve had a relaxing afternoon and evening. We went to RAXX for supper for the chicken wing special - oh, yummy. Perhaps the best wings we’ve ever had.

The dogs are excited, although the heat has worn them out. I fully expect Spike to wake me up at 6am...

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