Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Not everything becomes somnolent with the heat... no... deerflies strengthen and multiply. As I walk around the property my head is bombarded with the nasty flying insects, teeth nashing in anticipation of their fleshy meal. I swatted one on Kabira and sent one to its grave, but not before it made a bloody smear on her back.

Occasionally an equally voracious horsefly finds us in the pool.

There was dismay in poodletown this morning when the 'table' got setup in the kitchen. Tools of torture were dragged from storage. I had planned to wait another few weeks, but with more hot days in the forecast I decided the poodles would be better off without their thick coat.

First Bella got hoisted onto the table (gosh she's heavy), and like Edward Scissorhands I got to work, tufts of hair flying about the room. Next it was Spikes turn. They both suffered in relative silence like they always do. I wondered if they felt cooler with each pass of the blade.

Sweat and tiny little hairs are not a good combination so we blasted the air conditioning for the duration. It made a difference. As soon as the job was done and everything was cleaned up I jumped into the pool to cool off (and rid myself of those pesky little hairs).

Once safely on the ground, released from the table of torture, the poodles pranced and danced. They felt good (and perhaps a bit relieved that the job was done).

A haircut in the summer always perks them up. Before, they had stopped running and playing. They panted all the time. They were miserable. After though, they run in the field, prance instead of walk, pant much less. No one could convince me that they were better off with their 'insulating from the heat' hair. I'd need some serious proof.

After that was all done, I felt that I deserved a lunch out. I had a hankering for bacon & eggs and knew exactly where to get it. Country Kitchen served up our lunch 'real quick' and we ate it just as quickly. I was starving! I hadn't had breakfast and all that work with the clippers had me hungry.

Since we were in Winchester already... we dropped into Liquidation. As luck would have it I found the shoes that I had just bought at Costco (and not worn), on sale for 30% off. I found two black skorts too. Carm found another pair of blue dressy shorts which will be great for our next cruise.

We took the backcountry, long route home so that we could get some craft beer in Casselman.

Once we were home (finally), we floated in the pool for almost 45 minutes. It is almost at bathwater temp still: 30C. Crazy warm. But it is nice to be able to drift around for ages. Sweet summer :-)

"Woods are filled with the music of birds, and all nature is laughing under the glorious influence of Summer."
~Charles Lanman