Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dandelions and Other Fancy Stuff

20120414_property_010We saw our first dandelions last weekend, Sunday I think. This is the earliest by far that they've ever been out. At least that we noticed. Last year it was in May! We were tramping around checking on the oaks that we planted last spring, and there they were, in all their yellow glory. And since our grass is less lawn and more pasture, we were happy to see them.

All manner of growing things have been sprouting and showing their colourful heads. The periwinkle has some blooms. A solitary tulip has sprung up in an unexpected spot, it's red head bright among the undergrowth. The peony's are poking their burgundy stems through the earth. Some are starting to look quite tall. The poppies have started growing through the gravel path just like they do every year, we'll take an alternate route again this year. Leaves are unfurling from delicate buds, there will soon be leaves on the trees. I think "green day" may be a little early this year.



We took advantage of the sunny weather today to get some digging done in the garden. I think we all enjoyed basking in the sun.




I've been really grooving on the treadmill the last few days - I know I'm aging myself here, but the B52's album "Good Stuff" really rocks me along at a good clip with lots of energy. I did 60 minutes today with their help!  In keeping with my new active life, yesterday Christina and I went for a good walk before our tea. We would have walked longer, but the wind was practically blowing the hair off our heads! Not conductive to good conversation.

As I was standing at the kitchen counter cleaning brussels sprouts I noticed the the (new) Kingfisher was back in his tree. Sure enough it wasn't long before he darted down into the pond and came up with a bright orange fish. He flew to a tree across the pond. We could see him wrestling with his supper for quite a while. I just love the wildlife our pond attracts. What better place to do kitchen chores :-)

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.
David Viscott

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