Sunday, April 22, 2012

Turkey in the Straw

I can't believe how fast time is speeding by.

I was reminded again the other day just how much I love this place. I was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher (ho hum) when Spike started growling at the window to the backyard. I looked out the window and there was a big tom turkey! Right in the backyard! Later in the day we saw a bird that we've never seen before (Northern Flicker), and then still on that day the kingfisher came back for a visit as well as a pair of mallard ducks. Of course there are also tons of robins (one is building a nest on the drain spout under the eves just outside the kitchen window), there are grackles, and sparrows, and the geese. Some days we see a red tail hawk overhead,  or maybe the turkey buzzards. All outside my kitchen window! No wonder I don't mind being in there. It's wonderful.



The  weather has been really crappy the last several days. Some days it is raining so much I don't get the dogs out for their walk. Tomorrow they are calling for snow. And I had hoped that we would get out for our first camp in April.

Yesterday was spent cleaning the house (I really miss our house cleaner), it was cloudy and grey - not my favourite time for cleaning. Thank goodness that Carm pitches in and does a good portion of it. Then at 1pm I started cooking. We were having friends over and I wanted to keep the meal within my  diet guidelines but didn't want them feeling like they were in a rabbit hutch. It wasn't a particularly complicated menu, but gosh everything takes so long to make. Carm was a great help - he is a pretty good sous chef. As we neared the end he commented that he never would have had any idea about what goes into making such a meal if he hadn't been helping. (thanks honey).


The discovery of the day was the dry roasted chickpeas. They were good! And really easy to make. The roasted asparagus were also great - and oh, so easy. We also served kale chips - every last one of them (3 trays worth) got eaten up. People were surprised at how good they are - this time I just used olive oil, sirracha and salt. I love sirracha and sometimes think of putting it on everything.

The world is slowly turning more and more green. Green day is getting closer – perhaps a whole week early this year.  20120420_property_001

The greatest pleasure of life is love.