Monday, April 23, 2012

The Quality of the Light

I knew as soon as I opened my eyes this morning that it had snowed. There was a harshness in the light coming into our room. Sure enough a look out the window revealed an inch or two covering the earth. Poor, poor tulips. Poor, poor birds. I hope the robins find something to eat. The dogs and I still ventured outside for a little walk, but with the wind and rain coming down it wasn't pleasant, at all. But still, it's good to feel alive isn't it.

Last night I had a dream that I was in a jet. I was strapped in my seat, Spike's crate was belted in beside me. The jet took off and then suddenly it was pointing straight down. We were crashing. Strangely, in the dream I felt at peace. I was saying a mantra - the words "earth angel" was in it and I felt relaxed and calm. In slow motion the plane hit the ground and I could see it disintegrating in front of me, but just before I was engulfed, I woke up. I didn't feel upset, that strange calm was still with me. Isn't that weird!

Carm had to spend more time of the phone with Bell Canada getting our bill sorted out. They are the WORST!


  1. It is very weird. Sure hope you're not planning any airplane trips in the near future. If you are, cancel them!!!!!!!

  2. I have plane crashing dreams from time to time too, except I'm never on the plane I am on the ground watching them crash. I have also had scary dreams where I have felt a strange calmness and no explaination why.

    It was 29 here today so I am having a hard time imaging snow!!! But it is in a forecast for Friday, crazy weather!

  3. If it's any comfort, it's snowing here in Oppdal to day too. The weather is a bit crazy this year.