Monday, April 2, 2012

Music of the Night

Last night we were watching a show with Chet Atkins and a bunch of other musicians (Mark Knopfler, the Everly Brothers, Emmy Lou Harris, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, etc.) (Chet & Mark play “in your dreams”). They were all older musicians who have done their time on stage and in the studio. They must have played some of these songs thousands of times, yet you could see the joy and passion that they still had for playing. It was lovely to see - they are so lucky to have been blessed with a talent but even more so for their love and passion. I felt a little wistful and wished that I had that same sort of passion for something. 

long-trailerI also watched "The Long, Long Trailer", a 1953 movie with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez. It is a pretty funny romp featuring a giant trailer that they are pulling through the mountains, with a car. There was one scene in particular that made me laugh. Dezi had to back the trailer into a narrow laneway, flanked by landscaping. There was a bunch of people all shouting different directions to him and of course he got flustered and ended up backing it into all manner of things. It reminded me of our third time out with our first trailer. At that point Carm had backed into our laneway (a tricky backup at that), but never at a campground. Well, we got to our site at UC Campground to find trees flanking the site - gulp. A group of people converged on the truck, everyone with different ideas about how to turn the wheel, etc. It was starting to be a remake of the Long, Long Trailer! Thankfully one guy whooshed them all away and helped Carm manoeuvre into the site. It was a bit of a trick getting in so Carm stressed the whole weekend about getting back out. As it turns out driving forward is much easier than driving backwards ;-)

The campground was a pretty funny place - we called it Hillbilly Land. There were mostly seasonal campers around us with all manner of "stuff" decorating their sites. And there were a million kids driving around on their bikes. It was a zoo! We even saw someone with a bloodhound - the perfect hillbilly accompaniment! On the campground map the bit of woods across from us was called the "Enchanted Forest". We laughed and laughed over that one - it was basically a swamp with some trees growing in it. But all that aside we were happy, we were camping!

Yesterday and today I worked on our closet - more organizing! It was stuffed to the gills with clothes and so disorganized. It is still stuffed but is now more organized. Carm was really good about getting rid of old stuff  (and shirts that were brand new but never worn), but I wasn't so good at it. I have tons of logowear t-shirts that I could get rid of, after all how many slouching around the house clothes does one really need, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. So I packed a bunch into a bag to store till later (where else but in the basement). And I still have tons of stuff. But strangely I never have anything to wear when we go out. Most of my clothes are t-shirts. I never was a fashion plate. One suggestion I read said to take a paper and inventory what bits go together to make complete outfits and then use that chart to buy new things. I just may try it.

I read an article today about how heart disease is caused by  inflammation, and inflammation is caused by what we eat - namely sugar, flour and omega 6 fats. So what did I have for lunch? Hotdogs on white buns, with chocolate milk on the side. All bad for me foods. Why is it that even when we KNOW something is bad for us we still indulge? On the menu for tonight though? Sautéed mushrooms, spinach & red pepper over a bed of brown rice & lentils - all good for me foods. Does that balance it out. Probably not :-(