Friday, October 26, 2012

A Parallel Universe

Guess what I did today... more shoe shopping! Hurrah. We took back the pair that I got the other day, I tried on some dressier shoes with heels and found a pair I like. They aren't particularly comfortable, and do hurt my feet - BUT - I can handle that in a pair of shoes meant to look good, rather than feel good. There was no way I was going to settle for a pair of comfortable shoes that weren't comfortable, but these I can stand. (plus I hope they stretch out a bit which will make them feel just a bit better.).

After that Carm dropped me off downtown while he went on to his dentist to get a filling redone. I managed to catch Jo Ellen at her desk so we had a nice walk about in the sun, before I left her to slowly make my way back to where the car was parked. It was in a 2hr parking zone so I had to move it. I rarely drive and even more rarely drive downtown. But today it was up to me as Carm was still drooling in the dentist chair. It was easy enough to find a new parking spot but since it was along the street it meant parallel parking. I haven't parallel parked since my drivers test when I was sixteen, and since I'm fifty now that makes it 34 years ago (OMG). Well, I am pleased to say that I got into the spot first try (okay, it was a big spot but still!). I wanted to call out to passers by but realized that would be insane. But I guess I'm crowing about it now, which is also insane! I never said I wasn't crazy. (cue the theme music, Billy Joel - you might be crazy - )

All this activity was done during the nicest day this fall. Of course the camper was already winterized. Oh well, I was out and about downtown walking and enjoying the sun (and all the "characters" along the yucky part of Bank St.). And then when we got home we took a stroll around the estate. The heifers watched us over the fence until we got too close, at which point they ran off in their ungainly way.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
Albert Camus