Sunday, October 28, 2012


We had ants in our pants yesterday - a quick run into the village turned into a long drive and a bit of trailer shopping - wtf! There was a lovely giant Alpine 5th wheel at the rv lot. It was heavily marked down (ha ha) and had a lovely interior layout, but it was huge and somewhat out of our budget. It is fun to look though.
Since we were right near the T&T Asian food store we stocked up on pork necks for the dogs, sirracha sauce for us, and the excellent produce section netted us a giant bag of snow peas, some bean sprouts, and lemon grass. The makings for a tasty supper (or so I thought). We rang up Jo Ellen and Don to see if they were free. Time to race home and make the house presentable!

T&T is always a fun shop. The range of products is just incredible - we saw one guy with two packs of chicken feet and some pigs ears in his basket. Another one waited at the meat counter for a whole black chicken (yes, that was black!). The meat counter had some lovely regular meat, as well as odd bits that seem strange to us. The dogs always win when we shop there as the pork neck bones are $0.99lb and they also have packages of dried sardines that make great healthy treats.

Back to supper - I really mussed it up. WHEN will I learn to not experiment with company???? It turned out okay(ish), but not at all like I had in mind. I'm like a mad scientist in the kitchen at times. And Frankenfood is what sometimes emerges. I had all the ingredients to make a Thai style meal, but for some reason I decided to put all the garlic, hot sauce, a whole lime, etc. into my bullet and make some sort of sauce, rather than adding them to the pan like I would normally do. I wouldn't recommend adding whole lime... there were chunks of skin, and it made this weird frothy sauce. Just zest and juice the lime. Trust me on this!

We had a lovely visit with Jo Ellen and Don (as we always do). This was our first time entertaining with the box of wine though... I think next time I will decant it into a clean bottle as otherwise we had no idea how much wine we were guzzling down... (a lot). A jug would be much more elegant that a big box anyway! I think a trip to the flea market in Morrisburg has to be scheduled. Or I could just use my teapot...

Shoe saga finalie - the dressy shoes hurt a bit, but it is bearable, I'm going to keep them and hobble around looking good sometimes. I'm going to keep the Softmocs too. Everything was just so much easier once it was decided that they both could be kept ;-) It never ceases to amaze me that I can make things so darn complicated. I think some of this is the bipolar - I tend to ruminate over a decision and end up thinking about it so much that everything gets more complicated and muddled in my head. I can over think anything into a knot!

Today is grey, but with no real rain. It seems that we dodged the storm that was supposed to hit us yesterday. It is a big contrast from Friday with its 22C balmy temps. Winter is surely on its way... I'm glad I have my trip to New Zealand scheduled for this winter, but maybe next winter we have to think about hitching the trailer up and heading south.

The earth has received the embrace of the sun and we shall see the results of that love.
Sitting Bull