Monday, October 29, 2012

Not Quite There Yet

I'm sitting at an RV dealer at the saleman's desk. He's gone off with our offer to purchase! WTF! It's a 2008 Titanium 30e35 in reasonable shape and I totally love the layout. It is not quite 2 feet longer than our current trailer but it has 3 slides instead of 1,a great kitchen, a lovely bedroom and bathroom. There is a great place for Grace's cage to go, there will be room for a real table and chairs. The decor is simple and understated.

Are we nuts!

Oh wait - here comes the sales guy back, he's smiling but it doesn't mean what we hoped it would mean. We are just too far away in getting our numbers to match up so maybe next time.

Later in the day - We are bundled up inside now with the wind howling around the house. I filled up buckets in the bathtub and bowls of water in the sinks in case we have a power outage. I feel so bad for the people in the path of Sandy - it must be scary.

Here are some photos of what we were looking at. Nice isn't it :-) Look at all those giant windows! And that counter space :-)

Happy Tails!