Monday, October 15, 2012

More New Software!!

I'm getting my gadgeteer/computer fix and I'm loving it! I found more new neat software, this time for arranging recipes. It is called ChefTap and is another free android app. It imports recipes from a web page (and seems to do a decent job of it), or you can add your own. Of course you can add categories, choosing from a list or adding new ones. And to make it even nicer it will export the recipes as either text or html. I currently use a program called BigOven on my pc and really like it, but the android version doesn't do any of the things I want it to do. So... with this program on my tablet, and the other on my laptop I will be good to go! I'll export my BigOven recipes and load them onto my website so that I can suck them into this program. I just have to figure out an easy way to do the initial load.

I love software! I am a computer junkie!

I'm using the new BlogPost software to write today's blog. I love it when software does all the things I want it to do - I want to hug the developers for thinking of everything :-) But I'm disapointed that I don't have any photos to insert! May have to take a picture of Carm snoring on the sofa next to me ;-) But he might get mad so I'll just take a picture of Kabira. The dogs haven't featured in many pictures lately.

This morning I had a dentist appointment in my old office building. It has been under renovation for 3 (or is it 4) years and it seems that they are almost finished. But not quite - the dentist office is all torn apart. It has always been weird re-entering the building where I worked for 29 years (yes, the same building - sick eh!), but with the renovations it didn't make my stomach sink. Or maybe it's the passage of time. Regardless, I didn't feel dragged down by the building itself. AND as a bonus and to make the visit really good :-) I met with Jo Ellen for 1/2 an hour. She's my old boss and one of the good things of all my years there. We worked together well, and now we are good friends. She and Chris are the only ones that I still socialize with from work. I'm ALWAYS happy to see her.

After Carm picked me up we went to MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop), also known as the million dollar store cause everything is so expensive. But I had seen a few windbreakers on sale on their website so wanted to check them out. We found one of them, couldn't find the other, but did find, for only $30, a really nice one in red. I would have preferred black as it is so easy to coordinate clothes with, but for $30 red will do (besides, they didn't have the black one). It fits nicely over a thin sweater as well as just a t-shirt so it will be really flexible. The fabric was treated with some chemical so that it is water resistant. Not full-on raincoat water-tight, but it will do perfectly for NZ and camping.

After MEC we went to a new LCBO and checked out their huge selection. We picked a bottle of bubbles that we hadn't tried before. Yum, maybe this weekend. Then... we wandered across the street to the Subaru dealer. There is a new model which is a gussied up Impreza - I really liked it and for just a bit of $ more it doesn't look like a little hatchback. Or there's the Outback $$... We'll hold off as long as we can, but just in case the car dies while I'm gone we want to have our decision all sorted out. It is 14 years old with over 414,000km.

Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise.
George Washington Carver