Friday, October 19, 2012


I was out shopping for shoes today. Carm dropped me off at the mall and I traipsed off by myself. I knew what I wanted (more or less) so shopping on my own was okay (mostly) and I found what I wanted (I think). I get them home and want to try them on with a pair of dress pants - "do these look okay with these pants?" - "sure". Good, but I also want to wear them with capris - "do these look okay with these pants?" - "I already told you they looked okay!!". Geez - "sometimes you have to be a girlfriend and so just play along.". I'm not much of a shopper - most of my clothes come from Costco, so when I go outside the normal styles I need a bit of help! I don't have any girlfriends that I shop with, and Kirsten (my sister) is on the other side of the world so Carm just has to buck up and be a girlfriend once in a while. No changes of clothes required, I promise ;-)

Speaking of girlfriends, I just heard from Dorothy, one of the weight challenge participants and she has ALREADY met the 5 pound goal for October. I'm so impressed :-) Way to go! And it sounds like she has made some good, healthy changes to your diet. I don't have much of an update except to say I am back down those three pounds (after having gained two of them back last week). There is still time!

Tonight we had roasted vegetables tossed with pesto pasta. When I roasted the zucchini and cauliflower I threw in 2 lemons thinly sliced. The skin didn't soften down enough, but the innerds were oh so good! It's a good thing cause we bought a huge bag of lemons from Costco. We also bought a bag of limes - does anyone have any good ideas on how to use them? Of course the obvious is margaritas, and I may just have to make the sacrifice ;-)

Some little poodles have a rough life!