Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

I am perhaps the worlds best at lolling around doing nothing. The internet sucks up huge amounts of my time, and I can also burn hours organizing stuff on my computer and creating documents to organize my life with. Getting up and doing something is not my forte these days.

by Freddie Fender (downer lyrics aka country music, but the song is good):

And while we are at it (I was on YouTube after all), a time warp song:

retro-type-recipes-Graphics-FairyAll that being said, the last few days I’ve spent getting back into the proper eating swing of things. I’ve found a few more recipes to try and have spent some extra effort cooking.

  • Last night we had roasted cauliflower tossed with Thai Green Curry sauce (no added fat), over lentils sautéed with onion and spinach. Cauliflower was roasted in 450F oven for 22 minutes.
  • Tonight we are having roasted sweet potato, Brussels sprouts and mushrooms, with lemon quinoa.

A few weeks ago on the camper I had cold feet so decided to teach Spike to bring my socks. I started with my favourite socks (thanks Ruth). I kept them in the same spot and he learned with just a few attempts what I wanted. Once we were home I thought I would try the same thing, this time with a different pair of socks. I left them on the bathroom floor and from 10 or so feet away asked him to bring me socks. He looked around for a minute then picked them up and brought them. Success! Today I tried it from the living room (a long way away). Right away he went down the hall to the bathroom and brought me socks! Jackpot! These seems like the lazy way to get warm feet, but I actually get up and give him a treat every time. He is a mercenary for food!

But… it was a fluke. Later on I asked again and he ran around with his toy in his mouth looking for something to bring. I had to help him a few times by walking towards the bathroom. More practice is required.

req-scale-graphicsfairy010bWeight loss challenge summary to date 10/10 (I’ll post another summary on 10/20):

  • Bjorn – down two pounds!
  • Merikay – also down two pounds! She is getting to be a real skinny minny as I believe she has lost over 40lbs to-date.
  • Dorothy – time to fess up! Don’t give up!
  • Christina?
  • Me – well, technically it is 3lb but I think the first 2 were water retention, which makes it only 1.

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.


  1. That darned water! I weigh myself compulsively. I weigh in just before bed and just after getting up wearing the same shift. Usually there is a 2 pound difference. Where does it go? Oh ya, all those trips to the potty!

    The morning weight is the one that I count because it's lower. My loss is now -47. But thats since January.

    Healthy eating to all!

    I think I'll try the roasted cauliflower, sounds pretty good.

  2. :-( I have to report that my weight is only down 1 lb. Wedding dinner & party, lapses of judgement, etc. have all taken their toll! I am starting over again today ;-)

  3. P.S. "I am perhaps the worlds best at lolling around doing nothing." Silly you, Laura! You'll never be as good as I am for totally wasting time. You cook in the kitchen, plan and make diet meals. I'm too lazy to do that. My major accomplishment today? I drove around, taking photos of colourful trees. Some didn't turn out because my old 2001 Canon G1 camera is starting to degrade :-(