Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Day, New Thoughts

Despite the gray skies I made it outside to take a few photos. Much of the snow is now gone, although, the forecast is calling for 20cm on Friday. Grrrr. I'm not holding out much hope to be camping next weekend!

Before I forget - Dorothy asked me about Spike's eye. It is fine (whew). The little guy has been giving us some heart attacks lately, my fingers are crossed that now he'll stay out of trouble.

I'm trying to think about what we've been up to lately and can come up with nothing other than the treadmill, cooking, and of course eating! I wimped out on the cooking tonight and sent Carm for a chicken shwarma sandwich (naughty, naughty). Some days I can stay on track on my diet, and other days, not so much. I find that if I have the tiniest deviation then I'm done for - cravings return with a vengeance.

As you might guess, my thoughts these days are obsessively on eating/diet/my other blog, leaving little thought processes for this one! I have to get my brain revved up to do both.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
Eleanor Roosevelt

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